Understanding Kartini as Muslim by Mother and Daughter Contest

Understanding Kartini as Muslim by Mother and Daughter Contest

In order to inculcate patriotism and appreciate the services of the heroes, then in April KB-TK Al Falah commemorate Kartini. He was the hero of emancipation of Indonesian women who fought uplift of women, especially the right to education.

RA Kartini effort has been felt by Indonesian women, not only in education, but also work. In connection with the KB-TK Al Falah held a contest put on the veil, in the form of cooperation between mother and child with kebaya costume or modern kebaya in accordance with the theme “Kartini is Muslim.”

Sunny Saturday morning April 16, 2016 KB-TK Al Falah is located at Jalan Surabaya No. 2 Surabaya Siak looked crowded. Many parents accompanied by their sons and daughters do wear headscarves race registration. After registering immediately received a number of participants, and then directed to look for the table number that has been provided.

Before the race begins, starting first with a recitation from the Quran, ie surah Ar Rahman verses 1-11 read by Aisha Shabira Mujahidah Sutanto (B3) and translated by Athena Rachel Zaini. The event continued with a view of KB sing Kasih Ibu. TK-A group sang songs Ibu Kita Kartini and TK-B group sang the national anthem Indonesia Raya Indonesia, and closes with views of representatives of TK-B1 of reading Pancasila. The next event of the speech the Head of KB-TK Al Falah, Ustadzah Dra. Kamini and closed a prayer by Ustadzah Dra. Aslihatul Hayati.

Arrived at the peak of the event, the race put the veil which is a blend of cooperation between mother and child. The evaluation criteria for the competition are distinguished based on the level. For groups KB, helping students get a pin. For TK-A group of students to help hold and pick up a pin or something a tool used to order parents. And for groups of kindergarten-B students to help hold the veil, fetching pins and accessories are used.

Seconds during the contest can not be separated from the observation of the jury from KB-TK cleric Al Falah using a system of cross-chaired by Ari Sukma Ustadzah Soesandari, SE. Among the winners: for groups KB, 1st place was won by Kanaya Aqila Diansetya (Rahim), champion 2 Anira Baiza Princess Prasetia (Rahman) and 3rd place Eleanor Faizah Valerie (Rahman).

For groups of kindergarten-A, 1st place was won by Nasywa Adzakia Azzahra (A1), the champion 2 Naashir Sidiq (A2) and 3rd place Zivara Aqila daughter Riza (A3). For groups of kindergarten-B, 1st place was won by Muhammad Fathan Hafizulhaq (B2), the champion 2 Atiqa Zahra Tsabitah Diaz (B1) and 3rd place Ramadhannia Lady Lesman (B2).

At the end of the event there was a crying child because they do not get a trophy. That’s the world of children, how cute and innocent they are. Alhamdulillah the event went smoothly until the end. Hopefully on the occasion of another activity that will provide experience to students KB-TK Al Falah, parents and school. (Nur Aida Jasmin)